Driving the short bus around north central Texas. The views expressed here are mine and subject to change or revision at my discretion. I support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, common sense, and live music.

I am currently a Police Officer, former probation officer, former Sheriff’s dept. jailer and former Army Infantry soldier. I (wish I still) lived in the country and like it, partially because I am can see you coming and don’t have to worry about hitting the neighbors when I open fire.

I am an easy pay life member of the NRA, because if I had $750 to spare all at once I would be a yearly member and have a new firearm ( or the wife would use it on something stupid like groceries). If I was into money I wouldn’t be a probation officer. Just kidding, I love money like all good capitalist scum.

I started this site because of the influence of a lot of terrific sites that I lurked on for several years (most of them are listed under recommended reading). I finally overflowed with bullshit comments and decided to start this site.

Shortbus is a nickname that I earned in college. Guess why?

I am sick and tired of getting screwed by both political parties and would like to see a party for fiscally conservative people who care about national defense and civil order, but not about what their neighbor does in the privacy of his home.


4 Responses to About

  1. Jerry Harlin says:

    I love it. The beauty of the web is that anyone that feels inclined can put their opinions out there and make themselves heard! Congrats.


  2. REMF says:

    Yep, those rear-echelon motherfuckers… sure am glad they didn’t do shit, like keep you paid or fed or bandaged up or loaded with ammo. Goddamn they’re stupid and lazy! If they were REAL soldiers, they’d volunteer to go get their asses shot off.

  3. shortbus1836 says:

    Damn, I didn’t know they were stupid too. That makes it really bad.

  4. Fireball says:

    I always considered Gonzales to be south central Texas.
    Yeah, I know where that Come and Take It Flag came from and what it stood for. You also need to mention that when the call went out for help from Col. Travis at the Alamo ,only 32 men and boys from Gonzales volunteered.
    I lived in town as a kid and ranched part time in Belmont for years.
    I was in TXANG 69-75 Trp A 124th ABN Arm Cav 71st & 36th BDE out of Coumbus and Brenham. Still Airborne All the Way.

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