No right on red

Saturday, 30 January, 10

So we’re a whopping 29 days into the new year and my department has already worked 235 accidents. That doesn’t even count the minor fender benders that don’t require a report, it’s 235 crashes that required a wrecker, ambulance, or both. Judging the way some people drive around here I’m thinking it would be cheaper for insurance companies to give free driving lessons.

Going to be a good year for the body shops.



Thursday, 28 January, 10

I apologize for my lack of posting during the last year. I had no idea how much time would be absorbed by moving to a new town, buying and moving into a home, and completing the police academy and field training for a metropolitan Police Department.

That being said, I am going to attempt to begin regular postings. Please bear with me, some weeks are better than others.

People are stupid.


State of the (Soviet) Union

Wednesday, 27 January, 10

Let me begin by saying, I didn’t watch it. I didn’t have to. I am not interested in being baffled by bullshit.

Lots of folks like to point at the defense spending of Uncle Ronnie as increasing the national debt, but he won his cold war. He didn’t increase the debt to increase deadbeats.

The only thing you can do by underspending is lose a war.

The only thing that seems to be happening in DC is that the Dems are HOPING to hold onto enough seats to bring about Socialistic CHANGE.

Oh, and I bet Nobama continued in his push to ruin the healthcare system in the face of overwhelming objection of the American voters.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to blame Bush for his incompetence and lack of progress even though he has been in charge for over a year.

I also imagine that he blamed his inability to bring about his promised socialistic changes on politics and the Republican party instead of the resistance of the American people to his ridiculous ideas.

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