Thursday, 25 December, 08

Merry Christmas


Compounding The Problem

Friday, 19 December, 08

Never try to move during the holidays. The holidays are enough hassle with out trying to move all of your household goods at the same time. That is the reason that posting has been nonexistent for the last few weeks. The more things I put into boxes, the more I think we should just walk away and start over. We have moved pretty much everything into storage but the bare essentials and the things that we are going to cram into my parents house while we look for a place to buy. The whole thing would be lot easier if the bank would have just let us buy before we moved so we could just move our junk from one place to the next, but thanks to the housing mess they want proof that we are employed in the area where we want to purchase. Oh well, if the housing market hadn’t gone tits up we would not have been able to afford much of a house anyway. So we just have to be patient. I will try to get back to posting on a regular basis as soon as we get moved (or I give up and sit down to drink a beer).

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