I am ashamed to admit that I am one of the people contributing to the shortage of magazines, ammo, and guns. I thought that I had enough mags and ammo (you can never have too many guns) for a while, until I realized how badly things went on election day. Then I started having flashbacks about trying to afford quality mags around 2002, and started to panic. I hold out hope that the licking the gun control crowd took in the 1996 elections will put a damper on the prospects for new bans, but Congress seems to have no longer a memory than the American voter, so I am stocking up.

I know that by purchasing these items I am probably helping to falsely inflate the price of certain types of guns, gear, and ammo; but I am afraid that if I wait the price will be more inflated later or the Congress will come out of their Inaugural hangovers and stupors about 1 February and drive prices through the roof with legislation. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t believe that the NRA endorsements of legislators like Chet Edwards (who voted for the 94 ban and a lot of other anti gun legislation) will carry any political water when the bans start needing sponsors and votes.


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