Human Rights Watch

In another stunning example of uses for Human Rights Councils, a 44 year old stripper is being allowed to sue her former employer for age discrimination. Huh. Kimberly Ouwroulis was fired from her job as a stripper in a Toronto area club. She alleges that she was fired because of her age and is being discriminated against. I certainly hope so. I hate to break it to her, but very few people want to walk into a strip club and see this.


I am about to be very sexist, but over the hill strippers are depressing. Strip clubs sell sex (and very expensive drinks). Good looking women or men are their products and discrimination is part of the business. Strip clubs wouldn’t attract many customers or sell any overpriced drinks if they were forced to hire the old and the ugly. I have no doubt that I would quickly starve to death if I tried to make a living as a male stripper. This suit is a waste of time and money for all concerned. Nobody likes getting old, but deal with it. Being allowed to work in a looks driven industry when you are past your shelf life is not a human right. If you can find other employment as a stripper consider yourself lucky. Don’t believe me? Check out the latest issue of Victoria’s Secret, or any fashion magazine for that matter.

Full story here.


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