Feeble Minded

Apparently I don’t have much mind power after all. I got no love at the gun store on Saturday in my attempt to obtain free firearms and ammunition. To make matters worse, they were out of ammo in the caliber that I wanted. I consoled my lack of mind control on Sunday by killing a few brain cells with the free beer I got on Friday. It was pretty good. If they offer Shiner Holiday Cheer in your area I recommend getting a 6 pack to enjoy. I like all of the Shiner beers, except Shiner Light (it tastes like the south end of a north bound cow).  They have a nice selection of light and dark lagers. The Holiday Cheer is an ale, so it is a little more bitter than the lagers. I especially enjoy the Bohemian Black Lager. I think I have just talked myself into picking up some Shiner on the way home.


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