Deadeye Jane

Well, the Mrs shot a 249 out of a possible 250 for her concealed handgun qualification. I guess I had better quit beating her (ha ha, like I could get away with that, she would kill me in my sleep if she could wait that long). She also only missed one question on the written test. Now all we have to do is submit her packet to the DPS and wait.

Another positive is that she wants to carry my bug. I told her that can only happen if she lets me get a replacement, so it looks like I will get a new pistol out of this deal. There is a gun show this weekend that I plan on dragging her to in order to further my new pistol plan. What I would really like is for her to want something a little better suited for a primary carry gun. I am still working on that, but she seems a lot more receptive since the class. The instructor is a retired LEO and he opened her eyes to the fact that there are a lot more evil people out there than she realized. Somehow when I told her it didn’t sink in. So now she is trying to be more alert and aware of her surroundings.

Plus one for the good guys (and girls).

My wife also said that there were 34 people in the class which is a lot of potential new licensees for our area. I wanted to attend the class with her, but was busy hauling some old furniture and other things that are to big or heavy for a dumpster to the dump so we do not have to try to do it at the last minute. I also ran a few other necessary errands and was generally productive all weekend.


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