The Never Ending Election

Will someone please tell the MSM that the election is over. I thought that once the election was decided in their favor they would return to covering things that, before the current election coverage, made me want to empty the contents of my stomach into the nearest toilet. Issues like what Hollywood starlet they caught going commando. Unfortunately, due to the longest election in U. S. history they seem to be stuck in permanent election mode, even discussing the 2012 elections already.

Stop it.

Obama has won. You can stop bashing Sarah Palin. She might or might not be around for the next election (I hope she is), but that is 4 years in the future. You will have plenty of time to dig up new dirt before 2012. Also, Obama won, please wait until after he is inaugurated to begin worrying about who will get what position. Like it or not, President Bush is still the man until 20 January. I realize that Obama is going to change the world, but could you at least let him get into office before he has to start performing miracles?


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