Making America Smarter

I was listening to Russ Martin last night and an ad for whiskey came on. They  requested a couple of times that customers “please drink responsibly”. This got me thinking about all of the warning labels and cautions that manufactures have to place on products to keep from getting sued after some idiot hurts or kills himself by trying to make toast while he takes a bubble bath or when some woman gets pissed because the coffee she spilled in her lap was hot ( she probably would have complained if it had not been hot). I think that now would be a good time to remove all product warning labels that should be covered by common sense in order to deepen the gene pool a little. If you need a warning label to keep you from sticking your hand into a running lawnmower or to know not to smoke while putting fuel in your vehicle, you shouldn’t be reproducing. The worst thing about these warning labels is that some jury or judge will award a settlement to any moron that does something clearly stupid with a product rather than doing what they should and telling the plaintiff they did something stupid, if the warning label does not advise against whatever action the plaintiff took to end up in court.


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