I Have Mind Powers

I stopped by the local beer store after work this evening. A cold front is moving through our area and their wind chimes were going crazy. As I paid for my purchase I mentioned that if the wind were to blow any harder they would have to take the wind chimes down. My statement caused one of the cashiers to order the stock boy to move the wind chimes into the store. I was half kidding when I made this statement, but decided to follow up on my apparent new Jedi powers. I suggested that I should receive free beer, and what do you know the weak minded (awesome) cashier decided to give me a free beer. Now I realize that a free beer is not really a big deal, but it is still a free beer. So, this evening I will be enjoying the latest holiday offering from the Shiner Brewery. I love all of the other beers from Shiner (except Shiner Light which tastes like 4 day old hot Corona), so I think that I will love their new holiday offering. I will let y’all know tomorrow. nov-2008-0521

Also, tomorrow I am going to the gun store and ask for free guns and ammunition.


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