Get Moving

We are taking another load to storage. This will hopefully be quick one. We are having our moving out party tonight (last chance to lose our deposit) and folks will begin showing up around 3. One of my friends is bringing his FN 5.7 for us to shoot ( I have the best friends). We weren’t going to take a load, but we have to get the dog kennel from the wife’s parents for White Dog. I am going to start calling him lucky. While we were loading the trailer last weekend he got into the cattle pens and managed to get his leg hurt. I waited a couple of days  hoping that he had just sprained it. No dice. The vet says that he pulled the dog equivalent of his ACL and needs to stay in a kennel for two weeks while it heals or he will have to have a $1200 surgery. So we are going to get the kennel. Will post late tomorrow, I promise.


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