Gone Shopping?

Saturday, 22 November, 08

We are off to the gun show today. I will try to snap up any available full auto Glock 23s or Colt Anacondas that I see for less than $100.00.


It’s Friday

Friday, 21 November, 08

Here are a few pictures of Candice Michelle.






On The Ball

Friday, 21 November, 08

As usual the UN has been busy wasting money and ignoring its duties. This time they spent $23 million (yes, million) dollars on a mural for the ceiling in their European Headquarters. I could have done the whole thing with a class of kindergartners and $200. This is just another glaring example of why the US should not be trying to pull out of the UN, we should disband it completely. The UN is a great example of bureaucracy at its worst; expensive, corrupt, and ineffectual.

Full story at Fox News.

Artist Of The Week

Thursday, 20 November, 08

I am ashamed to admit that I was watching the GAC channel yesterday morning while I was on the treadmill. I did not want to turn the volume up at 0600 and figured that I could just check out some music videos with the sound off. One of the videos that came on was Chicken Fried from the Zac Brown Band. Well I got to checking out their website and realized that I had already heard the song on the radio a couple of times and really liked it, just didn’t know who performed it. I haven’t heard any of their earlier stuff, but if it is as good as their new cd it is good.  Swing on by and give them a listen. Be sure to listen to ‘sic em on a chicken’.

Not Guilty

Wednesday, 19 November, 08

Apparently I was correct to panic, along with a lot of other folks. If this is any indication of ‘that ones’ intentions,  it is going to be an oppressive 4 years.

2nd Amendment Simplified

Wednesday, 19 November, 08

Penn and Teller rock. Here is their breakdown of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. Their whole episode on gun control is great.

Caution, some not safe for kids language.

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday, 19 November, 08

Dang, now where am I going to go?


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