Throwing Your Vote Away

Like what seems to be a growing number of people I am not happy with the way things have been going in Washington DC (and Austin) for quite some time now. In the past I have mostly voted straight Republican. I did this because I had more in common with the Republicans than the Democrats. I did it to keep the loony left from getting too much control. Finally, I did it because that is how gun owners are supposed to vote to prevent more useless gun control. There have been a few times that I voted for a good candidate of another party, or against a Republican I didn’t like. I also voted for Kinky Freidman in the last governors race because I didn’t want Rick Perry building that road to nowhere called the Trans-Texas Corridor. But for the most part I have voted Republican. No more. I am sick of seeing the Republicans either take part in screwing us or worse, doing nothing. I am not saying that they are all bad, but too many have lost their way or sold out. I would like to see Republicans who support less government, not just more conservative big government. That is one area where I agree with John McCain and one reason that I was able to vote for him. He realizes that spending is out of control in both parties. I also voted for John Cornyn, because except for the bailout vote he has done a fairly good job of voting responsibly. I also voted for him because I believe that a strong Democrat majority in congress is the last thing we need right now. I voted for my Republican state representative because he has done a good job. I voted Libertarian for every other race except those that were uncontested or only offered a choice between Democrat and Republican. I had to vote Democrat for county commissioner because the Republican is a jerk.

I believe that if it were not for the strength of the NRA many Republicans would have sold out gun owners long ago. I am tired of only being able to hold the status quo on gun rights. I don’t like the fact that my 2nd amendment rights currently hinge on one vote in the Supreme Court. One vote is all it would take to abolish the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights. I have decided that the best way to achieve a change is to support local third party candidates and to help build a base for future state and national elections. While I do not agree with everything the Libertarians support I refuse to continue to eat the same crap sandwich from the RNC year after year. So, I guess I will just have to “throw my vote away” until I can vote for someone instead of against their opponent.


2 Responses to Throwing Your Vote Away

  1. tired dog says:

    I share your anger with the feckless and corrupt clowns who’ve ridden the Republican brand to office and then into the ground. I’ve never voted a straight ticket and looked hard for competent choices this time around. Unfortunately the Libertarian candidates for the most part seemed little more than disembodied names with nothing to recommend them except a link to a general Libertarian web page. Never saw one in the flesh, never heard a word, never even a postcard. Nothing but placeholders on a ballot. True, in Texas and elsewhere it’s damn tough to get anything but D/R on a ballot but if Libertarians, or Constitutionalists, or Spaghettiarians wish to progress, they’ve got to do better. At the top of the ballot, Barr was little more than a late entry paid little attention. As to NRA endorsements, we know they take the friendly incumbent rule to an extreme, giving A’s to knuckleheads like Nick Lampson who talk the talk, but will walk with the Obama. Best regards, and good luck to all.

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    I agree that the Libertarians do not do a good job staying in the public eye, except for elections years. I have heard many people complain about that. I think that I will start working with the local Libertarians to keep them in the spotlight on off years. I don’t agree with the Libertarians on national defense and am not really crazy about the drug platform, but I am sick of getting used by the Republicans. I also agree that the NRA gives preference to incumbents that they know full well will not support them when it comes right down to it. Evidenced by their A rating for Chet Edwards who consistently votes with the Dems and voted for the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. That alone should be enough to earn him and f. He has not done anything since then to improve his rating other than be from a district that is likely to keep electing him.

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