Nanny State At Its Best

Half of children surveyed in England will be dependent on others to make decisions for the rest of their lives a new study shows. The study also shows that two thirds of British children surveyed have a lack of curiosity and hormones. The study also says that nanny stateism has been so successful there that they now count persons up to 20 years old as children. So, I guess they really are sending children off to war.

The article in The Times Online is about a study by Ofsted. The study is titled ‘Future Care: Children’s Advice On Future Care Standards’. The first problem I have with the article is that you don’t take advice from your children on how to raise them. That is like the mechanic coming to me and asking me how to fix my pickup. I agree that precautions need to be taken to protect children from becoming victims of online predators. I also agree that children do not need to have access to inappropriate sexual sites. However, the job of the parent is to educate children so that they can do these things on their. Parents are also supposed to catch their children when they try to do things online they aren’t supposed to. Parents should not have to sit and monitor their 14 year old every time he or she goes online. If you have to do that either to keep them safe, or because they don’t feel safe without you there then you have failed as a parent.

Children should want to be independent, not so scared of going online that they need adult supervision.

Article link is here.

Study link is here.

I didn’t read the whole study, figured I would go into meltdown.

One other thing I noticed though was that two thirds of the participants were boys with an average age of 14. The study found that two thirds of the participants supported blocking access to graphic or inappropriate websites. That means that at least half of a group of boys with an average age of 14 support limiting their ability to look at someone naked or something they are not supposed to if that is the case then those boys are not normal and the nanny state has succeeded.


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