Support Your Local Gunsmith

After receiving the “we don’t serve your kind” treatment in Dingleberryville, I called Allan George at Pigeon Road Sporting Goods in Stephenville, Texas.

Allan has been the instructor for my last two CHL classes. Allan is also one of the best, friendliest, most knowledgeable gunsmiths in north Texas. Pigeon Road was my gun store of choice while I was in college (it is really still my gun store of choice, but is a little to far away from my current location). Pigeon Road isn’t fancy, but has great customer service. They have archery, skeet, and gun (with cement firing positions) ranges on site. They also service all makes and model of bow, muzzle loader, and firearm. If they don’t carry it, they are more than happy to order it for you.

Anyway, I talked to Allan and he said he would be happy to adjust the trigger on my Mini14 if I mailed it to him. He told me right on the phone without any research what he could do to lighten the trigger pull and that he would be glad to do it. He also advised me to return the Saiga to the manufacturer because they should fix it for free. Allan also stated that if they could not satisfactorily solve the problem he would be happy to take a look at it.

Pigeon Road is owned and operated by Allan’s parents Mr. and Mrs. George. You can call his father Roger if you know him, but his mother is always Mrs. George. Her cooking is also one of the reasons that I take my CHL classes there. She always provides homemade desserts for the CHL classes, and they are delicious. Allan is also an excellent instructor.

If you are in the north central Texas area please check them out. They are good folks and won’t refuse you service because of the brand of your firearm.

Pigeon Road Sporting Goods

6933 FM 2303

Stephenville, Texas 76401


GPS – 32.239895, -98.21663


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