Call The ACLU

I was discriminated against today.
I was in need of a gunsmith for the first time since moving to Hooterville about 4 years ago. Surprisingly there is nobody local that does much gunsmithing. So, I had to go into Dingleberryville to a store that I found on the web. The site had several glowing reviews about how helpful and knowledgeable the gunsmith was, so I decided to give it a try. I should have realized that I had come to the wrong place as soon as I got through the door and noticed that there were no EBR”s on the racks. However, I was fueled with hope (from the website) that the gunsmith ( I use that term sarcastically) could make the change I needed. The guy working the counter was nice and friendly. The ‘gunsmith’ was not. I knew that I was taking a long shot by taking my Saiga in to have the front sight base adjusted as they are not very common. I did not expect him to criticize the the design of the rifle that has probably killed more people than any rifle in history, but he did. I kind of got an indication of what was happening when he repeatedly said that he could probably fix it, but it would be very expensive. After about four ‘very expensives’, the guy running the counter told him that he did not know what I considered expensive and should maybe just come up with a price. He then quoted a price of $140. When I advised him that would be acceptable he replied that he was not comfortable doing the work. I guess the fact that I was wearing a shirt with a collar, nice shorts, with NRA cap and driving a new model SUV made me look poor to him. By this time I was not sure that I wanted the guy touching any of my guns, but I still had my Mini14 on the counter and thought that surely he could at least lighten the trigger with a little filing and polishing. Wrong again. What I got was more excuses about two stage military triggers and not much being able to be done about them. The ungunsmith then told me that he wanted to check something with the owner and would be right back.  I said fine because by now I was sure that I was not going to let this guy touch my ink pen let alone one of my firearms, but I wanted to compare prices with the store across town that does not have a ‘gunsmith’ (whose prices do you think were higher? yep, the store with the ‘gunsmith’ and no EBR’s). After I looked around and talked to the very nice counter guy, the ungunsmith comes out and tells me that not only is there nothing that can be done about the trigger on my Ruger Mini14, but that it is also poor design and that it was a failed attempt to compete with Colt. He finishes up by telling me that Brownells does not even offer a part to fix the problem or replacement Ruger parts.

Link to non existent parts available through Brownells.

If I had not already decided that I did not want this arrogant ass touching my firearms I probably would have argued with him, as it was I was happy to take my business to a less snobby and ignorant establishment. What is really funny is that their website has several pictures of Ruger rifles that are either Mini 14s or Mini 30s. I guess they also don’t service what they sell.

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