It’s Finally Time

After what seems like the longest race ever, it is finally time to vote. Early voting begins today in Texas. At first I was pleased to see that the Libertarians had a candidate in almost every race on the sample ballot I got on Friday. I don’t subscribe to all of their views, but the Republican party doesn’t  represent my views either. I guess if we could all agree we wouldn’t need political parties. After my initial excitement over seeing the Libertarians apparently gaining ground, I got to thinking that If everyone who was fed up with the GOP would pitch, we might be able to get the party back on track. I am afraid that this will simply take votes away from Republican candidates and give races to the Dems. On the other hand, the Republicans have not been doing what needs to be done for the last 15 or so years, so maybe they have it coming.

I guess I have some decisions to make before I go to the polls. I will definitely be voting for McCain as President, and probably John Cornyn for Senate. I don’t like that he voted for the bailout, but has been pretty good otherwise.

Be sure to get out and vote.

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