Binaca For Your Eyes

I found a post over at MadOgre (pepper popper) that I thought needed my two cents. Ogre discusses the effectiveness of pepper spray to halt a violent attack. (You should read his post first) Let me start by saying that pepper spray is not an alternative to a deadly weapon. Pepper spray may or may not give you the time you need to get away, but it is in no way a substitute for deadly force. Law enforcement uses it as a tool in conjunction with other tools. The use of force continuum that is adhered to by most law enforcement agencies states that you meet force with equal or greater force. That means that if someone threatens you with a deadly weapon, you use a weapon of equal or greater lethality, not a non-lethal alternative. You don’t get extra points is the hereafter for getting killed being politically correct. If you want to use pepper spray as part of your defense that’s great. Pepper spray is acceptable when being threatened with physical force. It is not acceptable force in a situation where a bad guy (or girl) is willing to take your life for your wallet, car, or personal possessions. It is also not an acceptable response to an attempt to violate your bodily orifices (at least in Texas, check your state statutes to see how much of a victim your state is willing to let you be.) I have seen too many offense reports where subjects were to drunk, high, or mentally unbalanced to have the desired response to being pepper sprayed or Tased. Do not confuse less lethal techniques with self defense.


2 Responses to Binaca For Your Eyes

  1. I agree, there are times when lethal force is your only recourse. But there are also numerous documented instances were police officers have emptied entire magazines into a perpetrator only to have them still keep coming, so there is plenty of room for argument there. Further more, it is a lot easier to walk to your car or jog through the park with a small canister of pepper spray in your hand than a 357 magnum and you are alot less likely to go to jail, and 95% of the time that will be enough.

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    I am not aware of any documented cases of officers emptying whole magazines into a suspect. What I am aware of is lots of cases of officers emptying magazines in the general direction of suspects. While there may be some cases like that, I am not sure what bearing that has on not using pepper spray in a situation that calls for deadly force. I absolutely agree that having pepper spray in hand while walking through a dark parking lot at night is a good tactic, but they make holsters so you don’t have to carry your .357 in hand. This should prevent arrest as long as you are in compliance with local law. There are also lots of small pistols out there that are just as easy to carry as pepper spray.
    I agree that pepper spray is a useful tool and that most of the time it probably works (unless the wind is blowing or the target is wearing glasses or a mask), just as it is possible for a firearm to misfire. However, the point that I was making, is that pepper spray is not a satisfactory or logical response when threatened with a deadly weapon.

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