Main Stream Morons (The Change We Really Need)

I decided to see what was happening with the situations in Georgia (not the state) and Somalia. Guess what? According to the main stream media here in the good old US of A those places barely exist again. I found absolutely no recent reports at all about how our allies the Georgians are dealing with the Russian bear. I found two recent articles about the situation in Somalia. One by USA Today about the release of some South Korean sailors and a very short blurb by the NY Times that merely notes the situation is still ongoing. Judging by the media coverage you would think that Americans are more concerned about whether or not Lindsey Lohan is wearing panties today or what skit SNL is doing about Sarah Palin this week. I realize that you have to have ratings to make money and that there is a portion of the population (Jerry Springer fans) who don’t care about anything past their front porch, but one of the changes we really need in America is a return to responsible, ethical, informative journalism. Now more than ever we live in a global community, but our biased media does not even keep us informed of what is happening in the two combat areas where American troops are fighting for freedom unless the news is bad, let alone what is happening around the world that affects our daily lives. What kind of journalism is that?

Yes, I realize that we are close to the end of a Presidential election, and in the middle of a very foreseeable and preventable economic crisis (and if you are still wondering who is to blame you are part of the problem), but one of the changes that this country needs is a media that is responsible and pro-America, not reporters who lurk in bushes for juicy pictures and publish our battle plans and tactics. I will never understand how people and businesses who depend upon the First Amendment to the Constitution for their livelihood, can show such utter disregard for the rest of the Bill of Rights; and such complete contempt for one of the few places on Earth that allows them the freedom to say anything they want.

There are lots of things about Obama and Biden that if brought in to the spotlight on a daily basis would sink their campaign faster than the Titanic. Why is it that this information is not covered on a daily basis? The only reason that McCain and Palin are still in the running in this campaign is that the “main stream media” can not find any good damaging evidence against them.

If I, as a probation officer, practiced the same ethics and impartiality as the majority of the American media; I would soon find myself in prison.


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