Shotgun Post

I’m just going to scatter a few things out in a random fashion.

We attended the wife’s high school reunion on Friday night. The home team lost 48 to 0. It was a spectacular fail. We went to Dale’s in Walburg after we left the game. They have the best burgers and onion rings in the area. The cold beer is also awesome. There are not very many restaurants that carry Lone Star Light.

On Saturday we stopped off at the in laws. I foolishly agreed to help my step father in law install wiring for an attic vent fan. In addition to having to explain why turning of the power to the breaker box when using a metal fish tape to pull the wire in is a good idea, he handed me one of these when I asked for a cordless drill. I almost popped a WTF on him. At least I know what to get him for Christmas.

On Sunday I had to go install a camera for the jail in the next county. I got there right after they had to pepper spray an inmate who was using his feces to redecorate. I love the smell of pepper spray in the morning, as long as I don’t get any on me. Things did not go as well as I hoped, and now I have to go back this weekend.

I was off on Monday for a random politically correct holiday. I didn’t do much. I was tired and just vegged, drank a little cold beer, and watched the stock market stagger around like Ted Kennedy on a 2 week bender. I haven’t really checked the news since Friday, and it is kind of nice to get a break from gloom and doom(McCain and Obama) and other news that makes you feel like the crash of ’29 was a happy fun time.

White dog is healing up. It is not fast, but I can seem a little improvement. I am afraid that it is going to leave a pretty big scar, not sure why I care he isn’t a show dog or anything.


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