Long Day

I knew that things were not going to go smoothly when I was putting on my suit because, I had to be in court today, and noticed that White Dog had licked away all but two of the outer layer of stitches and his wound had split open about a quarter inch. I was already not looking forward to court as one of the Assistant District Attorneys had informed my about 4:45 yesterday that the case on an offense I had used as a reason to file a Motion To Revoke someones probation did not meet the elements of the offense under the Penal Code. I was also tired because I woke up about an hour and a half early today and yesterday. I knew that there was not really any thing that the vet could do because the wound was too old to restitch, but I figured that he would be better off in their kennel than laying in the mud from the recent rain. Since we got rain again last night (yay) White Dog got the front seat of my pickup and my suit dirty (no, I never taught my dog to ride in the back of a truck) which did not improve my mood. I ended up being 15 minutes late to work on a day that I needed to be early. In addition to that, I had to sit through six and a half hours of court, and work through lunch. Then, to top it all off when I picked up White Dog from the vet he was covered in urine from the dog in the next kennel.


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