Change Is A’Coming

The Mrs was informed today that she has been hired by “Funtown” ISD and will start early next year. This works out pretty well because I will be starting work for “Funtown” PD after the first of the year. I was planning to stay with relatives during the week and come home on weekends if the Mrs had to wait until the end of school to change districts. This would have sucked a lot, because it has been a long time since I had to live under someone else’s roof.

I am already worried about the move because it has been several years since we have lived ‘in town’ and over a decade since I have lived in a highly populated area. I am having daydreams of people asking if we ‘get into the city much?’ I am not anxious to move to a place where I may have to put up with neighbors and worry about shot penetration. However, this will be a good move for us because we drive in different directions in the morning and our gas bill is eating us alive. Our current situation was only intended to get me through college, and the Mrs through graduate school. We have now been here much longer than we intended just because it was comfortable and mostly easy. I have to admit that having a compound ( the house and several barns and sheds) sitting on about 500 acres does not inspire me to move. There are a few reasons that we need to move. First, we are renting and we love to work around the house, but don’t want to put a lot of time and money into a home for someone else. Next, the aforementioned drive took us to two different towns and uses a lot of time and fuel. Finally, we are tired of living somewhere that we can be evicted from with little notice, even though our landlord is terrific and has always been very friendly and helpful. It just kind of wears on us to know that we could have to move next month at the whim of someone else.

We are really both looking forward to moving, but are worried about finding a good place to live.


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