Vice-Presidential Debate

I got home and saw that the Mrs. had the debate on at about 2013. At about 2015 Joe Biden started speaking and all I could think about was how Obama got his hand far enough up Joe’s ass to make his lips move. I quit watching after that. I’m sure that I missed the better parts, but I didn’t really expect the VP debate to be a rehashing of the first Presidential debate. Call me silly, but I really expected more. Which brings me to another topic. I know that McCain ain’t perfect (believe me I know), but don’t tell me that some one who has spent almost as much of his first senatorial term campaigning for another office, than actually doing what he was elected to do (unless you think this is why Chicago put him in the senate) has all of the freaking answers. That is like agreeing with the teenager that thinks he has it all figured out and that his parents are simple (been there, got a healthy helping of reality).


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