All Creatures Great And Small

I got some extremely unexpected on the job training as a veterinary assistant tonight. We got home about 6pm and started our evening routine (change into shorts, etc…). I had just taken my shoes off when I looked over and saw that my male Staffordshire had a gash in his side. At first I thought that I had just watched too much of the Chiller channel while I was out sick, but then as he turned I realized that he had a gaping wound in his side right in front of his right hind leg. I managed to catch the vet moving round bales and he said he would meet me at the clinic. So I loaded White Dog (aforementioned Staffordshire pup) up and off we went. The vet was waiting when we got to the clinic. He had me take White Dog back to the surgery area and gave him a couple of shots and had me put him on the scale. He weighed 88lbs. The sedatives began to take effect while Doc was getting his instruments ready in the other room. White Dog began stumbling around like a drunk freshman at his first kegger. It would have been pretty funny if it hadn’t been for the hole in his side. After a few moments he was pretty out of it and we lifted him onto the operating table (never thought I would be included in a phrase like that). Doc started administering local anesthetic and cleaning the wound while I held Samson down. After a few minutes it became apparent that he was going to need another dose of sedative. Once the second dose was given things got a lot calmer. Doc went to work on the wound, while I made sure that White Dog didn’t move. I’ve watched myself and others receive stitches before, but never actively participated. It was kind of like being in an episode of some Discovery channel show. Doc said that it appeared the wound happened earlier in the day as the skin around the wound was already dead. He had to trim the skin around the wound to get fresh skin so the wound would heal properly after suturing.  It was definitely not how I wanted to spend my evening, but it could have been a lot worse.

Oleg Volk I ain’t, but here are a couple of pics. I was fairly certain that things would be ok because there was no squirting blood, but it is still heart stopping to see a gaping wound in a member of your furry family.


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