First Presidential Debate (post 1 of 2)

To start with Obama held up much better in the debate than I thought he would, except the times that he couldn’t remember McCain’s first name ( it’s John, I wonder if that will offset McCain not knowing how many houses his real estate investing wife owns?) Unfortunately, all I heard when Obama spoke about the economy was tax and spend (or as I like to call it “punish the productive to support the unproductive” and it only works in socialist fantasies).

I did not think that Lerher or Obama really understood McCain’s answer to the question about what part of their plans would change because of the bailout because McCain’s plans are not really affected by the bailout as he planned to drastically reduce spending anyway. Again Obama could not come up with anything but tax and spend.

I will sum up my take on the economic portion of the debate by saying that McCain plans to cut spending and taxes as he should. Obama sounds like he plans pay lip service to main street, but squeeze productive citizens to subsidize handout street.

I don’t care if you make $10 or $10,000,000. your tax rate should be the same. No one should be punished for being successful. The only people who think other wise are socialists. Ultimately that was one of the principles that this country was founded upon, hard work is rewarded. Obama seems to have confused opportunity with entitlement. People who succeed are not obligated to support those who don’t. Especially when they are not willing to make an effort to better themselves.  Obama stated that his father wrote letter after letter to be able to come to America from Kenya because in the 60’s it was believed that America was the only place that you could make it if you tried.” Now Obama would like to help turn it into  a country that will support you if you don’t try.

I got tired of hearing Obama blame the woes of the world on George Jr, especially since McCain was anything but George III until this election. Even I was calling him a rino 4 months ago. Funny how things change isn’t it.

Except for his defense policy I would still prefer to vote for Ron Paul.

I believe that McCain did a poor job of explaining why long term victory in Iraq is important and related to victory in Afghanistan. I also felt like he did a poor job explaining his comment about “muddling through in Afghanistan.”

I found it insulting when Obama decided to try to woo veterans in his closing statement with how much more he cares about us, and how McCain and Bush have not taken care of veterans when he is the only one of the three who almost refuses to even speak to us and will definitely not be bothered to travel to the combat zones to find out what is going on.

All politics aside, I truly believe that Obama would cross the street to keep from having to recognize a member of our armed forces.

Obama spoke several times about how America has lost respect around the world because of our actions, especially in Iraq. Someone needs to explain to Obama that you don’t get respect by asking for it, but by being fair and consistent, and barring those through strength. Someone should further explain to Obama that respect is kind of like peace, it only matters to those who also seek it. It does not matter if America is respected, only that we do what we say and that we can defend ourselves from those who would destroy us. Respect does not win wars or peace.The Russians, along with N. Korea, China, Iran and most bullies only respect strength. The second you show weakness the bullies of the world will take advantage of you.

McCain was right when he stated that Obama is naive.


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