I’m Handy, Sometimes

The wife called me on Saturday, while I was in the middle of trying to figure out why a security camera that I had just installed was not working, to inform me that our clothes dryer was not drying. I welcomed this news by asking what she expected me to do about it while I was an hour away from home. She politely responded that she thought that I was such a genius that I might be able to figure out what part was needed by her description of the problem and pick it up while I was in town. I politely responded that I was an average male and was in need of visual stimulation. Once I got the dryer disassembled on Sunday I realized that one of the wires supplying power to the heating element had corroded apart at the element. Since the heating element itself looked kind of the worse for wear I ordered a new element and connections in addition to installing new terminals on the wiring harness. UPS delivered the element and hardware today and I installed it this evening.  Once I got it all back together I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked as intended ( at least for the 10 minutes I ran it.) Not having any experience repairing appliances it was pretty satisfying to find that sometimes a sharp eye and common sense can prevail.

What sucks is that I spent an extra 4 hours on Saturday running new coax and testing cameras to figure out that a 12 volt camera will run on 11 volts, but not 13. For some reason the power supply that came with the camera measured at 13 volts. In my limited knowledge I thought that this should be sufficient to run a 12 volt camera, but apparently when they say 12 volts they mean 12 volts. It was a learning experience.


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