Karma Stinks

Apparently I was a real jerk in a past life ( or am now and just don’t realize it) because ever since we moved into our current house we have been plagued by skunks. Now that the temperature has been low at night we have been trying to offset last months high electric bill by opening the windows at night. However, the last two nights about 30 minutes after we open the windows and are just starting to relax fresh skunk scent begins to assault our noses. I know that it is not the dogs causing it as both nights they have been inside. There is no warning or indication that something has happened to irritate a skunk. Just one minute nice fresh cool air is blowing through the windows and the next a foul smelling stench is assaulting your nose. It really stinks that we can’t enjoy the cool (free) air. Someone should tell Algore that the skunks in my county are contributing to global warming by forcing me to keep my windows closed and the ac on.


2 Responses to Karma Stinks

  1. Ride Fast says:

    If you can locate the skunks, I hear pepper spray will make them vacate the area. Never tried it myself but it sounds reasonable.

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    I tried sprinkling cayenne around the yard at first, but didn’t have much success (and it got pretty expensive.) I finally figured that a box trap with a long rope and a .22 is about as good as you can do.

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