Time To Start Stockpiling

Monday, 29 September, 08

If Adolf Obama’s Hitler Youth Truth Squads don’t scare the bejesus out of you, then you probably don’t know any history before Bon Jovi. I believe that it might be time to start stockpiling books and bullets, because he seems to want to have information he doesn’t agree with stricken from the public record. Call Me Ahab has a good post about the Gestapo Truth Squads.

I thought that I added Call Me Ahab to the blogroll a long time ago. I guess I just dreamed it. He is a good source of info for anything RKBA.


The Truth Hurts

Monday, 29 September, 08

In his continuing campaign to prevent voters from finding out the truth about B. Hussein Obama he is trying to prevent the airing of some NRA ads that accurately portray him as anti gun. This is probably just a preview of the type of information control that we can expect if he wins the election. O has brought out his big gun and had his General Counsel threaten legal action and possible revocation of the broadcasting license of any station that airs the ads. Here is a link to the entire letter. So, in the spirit of thwarting the little O, and retaining my gun rights here are the ads. Thanks to The Real Gun Guys for the heads up.

This tactic is being used after a failed attempt to get the DoJ to pursue criminal charges against a contributor to the American Issues Project after they ran an ad spotlighting O’s relationship with terrorist William Ayers. Michelle Malkin has all the info over at her place. Here is that ad.

Lets get these ads plastered all over the net so the little dictator knows that the rest of the country doesn’t play Chigaco politics.

This Should Be Entertaining

Monday, 29 September, 08

Somali pirates have seized a Ukrainian ship transporting military goods, including 33 Russian T-72 tanks. This of course attracted the attention of several navies including ours and the Russians. In an impressive display of bad judgment the pirates did not flee when the warships appeared on scene, but instead demanded a ransom of $20 million dollars.

I’m hoping that this ends badly for the pirates, and that they get a nice lesson in respecting the property of the bigger kids on the playground.

Full story is here.

Artist Of The Week

Monday, 29 September, 08

Been listening to these guys a lot lately. Reckless Kelly

They also have a care package program for the guys and girls in harms way. The link is here.

Weekend Quiz

Sunday, 28 September, 08

The result is spot on except that I usually add water.

What Kind of Drink Are You?

You are a Whiskey on the Rocks. You are tough and you know it. It takes a long time for people to get to know you but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You don’t care what people think, but sometimes that turns people off of you. Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

Saturday LOLDOG

Saturday, 27 September, 08

see more puppies

House Republican Alternative To Bailout

Saturday, 27 September, 08

A group of Indian workers seems to have found an alternative to bailing out failing banks. Full story here.

It makes me smile to think of an angry mob chasing banking ceo’s and certain dimocratic congress critters down a deserted Wall Street with bats and tire irons.

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