The End Is Near?

Tuesday, 1 July, 08

Civilization is about to implode.

Starbucks announced that it will close 600 stores. Maybe if they weren’t so damn pretentious and expensive they could appeal to a wider consumer base. I do have to give them credit for broadening our coffee horizons, and I do have a weakness for cafe mocha ( please don’t tell my high school ag teacher).

My wife and I even have a nice tradition that includes Starbucks. We usually spend the holidays driving like crazy trying to make it to all of the necessary family functions ( This really takes some of the fun out of the holidays, but on the upside we do have family that wants to see us and will provide food). However, on the day after Thanksgiving we try to maximize our cash by hitting the sales at one or more of the local burgs. This day always starts with a visit to a Starbucks for flavored coffee and snacks. A quadruple shot of espresso is probably the only way that my wife can get me through the day.

I would throw more business their way if I didn’t feel like Ted Nugent at a vegan rally every time I walked through the door ( and they are too expensive).


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