The Worlds Worst Book

I was in town a few weeks ago and stopped by the local Barnes and Noble (the one that doesn’t carry any books by Ted Nugent, WTF.) I purchased a copy of The World’s Worst Weapons from the bargain bin.

The cover had a picture of a propeller driven armored car. I had visions of backward firing guns and exploding bullets. I thought that it would be an entertaining bathroom book. What the author ( if he can be called that) covered instead was a list of poorly to well designed modern weapons that can be accessed through any afternoon internet search, along with a few true duds.

The author, Martin J. Dougherty, is listed on the book jacket as specializing in military and defence topics. I would say that anyone who lists the AK47, Makarov pistol, and M-60 machine gun among the worlds worst weapons only specializes in being a lazy uninformed armchair commando. The list of poorly designed armored vehicles and tanks comes much closer to including the worlds worst weapons, but still includes several successful examples such as the U.S. M-113 armored personnel carrier and the Nazi Tiger Tank.

The author even admits that many of the weapons listed were just overly expensive, complex, or in the wrong caliber. I am not a published author, but even I would not title a book the worlds worst weapons and then include weapons that I freely admit are not really the worst. I admit that the M-16 is not perfect, but it is far from one of the worlds worst weapons. The M-16A2 and the M-60 kept me in one piece for three years.

I did not include a link to the author or book because I thought that the book did not deserve one.


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