Stink Free, Sort Of

Finally got the little stinker after lubing the trap. He or she ( I didn’t get close enough to look) was in the trap on Wednesday morning. I hated to do it. They aren’t really a threat, but we just can’t deal with the smell anymore. 

I grabbed the rope that was tied to the trap handle and pulled the trap away from the house behind a barn. I used a Rossi pump .22 that a friend of mine who lives in a sketchy neighborhood left for safekeeping. (More on that later.) Afterwards, I put the trap with the skunk still inside in the back of my pickup. I didn’t dare leave it around the house, because the dogs would just roll around in the scent. I took it to work and put it in the dumpster on a day that turned out to be 102 degrees. It really stunk up the area around my office. I couldn’t help but smile every time someone commented on the smell that we have been living with for a week. It was kind of my own sick practical joke.

This was the seventh skunk that I have killed on our place since 2004. I will relate the tale of the other six as soon as I have time. 


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