I’ve Had It With The Yellowstream

You can always tell when things are going well in Iraq and Afghanistan by the fact that there is zero mention of what is happening by the corporate news media. They are so biased that they don’t even give coverage to the entertainers who are gracious and grateful enough to visit our men and women who are in harms way. 

What they do provide coverage for is any bad news, as evidenced by the fact that the prison break in Afghanistan generated more press coverage than any positive news since we became involved. Even the supposed right wing Fox News provides only negative news from our involvement in the middle east.

The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that the death of Tim Russert gets better press coverage than Memorial Day. What kind of country have we created when one mediocre reporter gets more recognition than the men and women who died defending our country?

I am sick and tired of seeing the sacrifices and triumphs of our soldiers reduced to mere statistics, while bad news receives more media attention than the fact that more people were killed in Detroit last month than soldiers in Iraq.

 What kind of nation have we become when the presentation of the Congressional Medal of Honor gets less coverage than the heart attack of a reporter?

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