Life Stinks

Or at least my dog does.

Two dogs own us. A white and black spotted Staffordshire Terrier and a Chocolate Lab. I let them out to relieve themselves about 1:15 this morning. Brody, the Lab, does his business and comes back in. Samson, the Staffordshire, decides to get sprayed in the face by a skunk that has wondered into the yard. I didn’t realize it until he was already inside rubbing his face on the floor. Poor thing looked like he had been pepper sprayed. His eyes were all red and watery. The skunk must have been pretty close to the house, because about the time I realize what has happened and put him back out the smell starts to permeate the other side of the house.

So at 1:30 this morning my wife was bathing the dog and I was walking around outside wearing nothing but shorts and flip flops, carrying a spotlight and Beretta U22. The wife had better luck with the dog than I did finding the skunk. By the time I decided that I wasn’t going to find the polecat and we got the house somewhat clean and deodorized it was 3:30. We were not our best at work today, but now I can look forward to hunting the skunk this weekend.

This is just the latest episode in our ongoing adventures with redneck hating skunks. I won’t go into the whole story now, but will say that I am starting to get used to the smell.


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