Goosestepping On Down The Slippery Slope/ Asshat of the Week

I ran across this article yesterday through Call Me Ahab. I meant to post on it last night, but got a little busy, and was also so pissed at the stupidity off it that I couldn’t come up with a rational post. It would have gone a little like this:!#$%$%^$%&*^&*^&^%&*#&#@%!@$#%!@#$. So, having had a mostly good nights sleep I was going to try again. However, things have been so busy here at work that I have not had time to really pick the thing apart to my satisfaction. So I will leave you with Lawdogs take on the subject. He sums it up very well.

The mayor and police chief of DC are the asshats of the week.



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