I Love Hillary

The Dems are absolutely losing their minds over the fact that Hillary won’t concede the campaign. I am loving every minute of this. Every major yellow stream news outlet is trying to move on to Obama Vs. McCain, but she just keeps hanging on. I hope she carries on all the way to Denver.

Shooting the Messenger encourages everyone to go to her website and show your support.

2 Responses to I Love Hillary

  1. Gord says:

    Didn’t you just love the AP “news story” that she would concede. (Tail tries a bit too hard to wag dog) I like the idea of her holding out to Denver for many reasons. This might show Democratic Party the need to reform many of the rules regarding the primaries and nomination process. It also shows that she was one woman who wouldn’t be bullied and pushed aside by anyone. The media will go on acting on the assumption that Obama is the “presuptive nominee”. That doesn’t bother me.

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    Yeah, I hope she forces a superdelegate vote. It’s so nice to see the unbiased media that used to fall all over she and bill just cut her off at the knees.

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