Are You Kidding?

The city of Canton, Ohio has decided that their jails are too empty and police are under worked. In order to remedy this situation they have decided to arrest the lazy and disabled of the town to make sure that everyone stays busy. In their infinite wisdom the Canton city council has made not mowing your lawn an arrestable offense, because lets face it, the legal system is underutilized.

Are you kidding me. We are going to put people in jail for having tall grass. Yes, it sucks when you have a neighbor who won’t mow, I know I’ve been there. Our jails and prisons are already way to overcrowded to be arresting people because they don’t mow. This is the ultimate example of out of control government. This stupid city council is going to confine and give people permanent criminal histories for out of compliance grass. What’s next making it a felony for not pruning your shrubs.

I would think that they would appreciate the fact that these citizens are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing greenery.


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