Today Was A Good Day

This is a Patriots Journey  post.

Today was a good day. I got up to a comfortably air conditioned home with dependable electric power. I took a nice hot shower with running water. I then watched television while getting dressed for work. I grabbed a cold drink out of the refrigerator on my way out of the house. I climbed into the wife’s SUV that had sufficient fuel to get me to work and back. I drove the twenty uneventful miles to work while listening to a couple of comedians on the radio. I got to my office to find I still had a job and that my paycheck was deposited over the weekend. I then logged on to my computer and accessed the Internet and found that the only site restrictions were my own discretion. At lunch I went to the local grocery store. The store had fully stocked shelves and no items were being rationed or in short supply. On my way back to the office I passed two gas stations. The price of unleaded was way to high, but there were no lines or rationing there either. Throughout the day I was able to say pretty much what I wanted without fear of reprisal or being informed on. Myself and my wife were able to return home at the end of the day without seeing a single soldier armed with a rifle on any street corners. At no point during the day did I worry that I might disappear and my wife never learn what happened. Neither of us witnessed any bombings or other terrorist acts.

It was a good day.


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