We’re Still Number One

This is a Patriots Journey post.

This post will be brief because I was out of town most of the day.

The United States of America is still the bastion of freedom for the world. Nothing has happened in the last 100 years to change that. Examining the world map mounted on my office wall shows that there are no other countries in the world that come even close to our level of freedom. The only freedom available to Europeans is the right to die at the hands of Muslim’s who have taken offense at some triviality. Europeans are unable to defend themselves or demand protection from their governments because they long ago returned themselves to the status of serf to ensure social medicine and pensions. South America along with Mexico is run by drug cartels, and the only country to try to remove itself from the grasp of drug money, Columbia, seems to have offended the DNC somehow and will not be allowed further aid from us unless they allow Hugo Chavez to take over the country. Africa is just a mess. There is no country there that is safe for democracy. Asia appears to be stuck in the collectivism of the last century with no end in site. America at this point is the free world. Despite the gradual decline in our rights, we still have more freedoms than most people have ever dreamed of.



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