Sucking It Up

I have been debating about posting that I will be supporting Ron Paul in November due to McCain’s left leaning voting, especially including campaign finance reform and his new found love of going green.  I have been conflicted about this for three reasons. The first is that I really wanted to be voting for Fred Thompson, but he just took my money and left me feeling violated. The second is that I am not that crazy about Dr No either, but he at least seems fiscally responsible and not open to becoming a puppet for the Goreacle. Finally, I don’t want to vote for someone that doesn’t make me sick only to find that I have helped elect someone who will let the entire world use us like a prison bitch. I found a great post over at Rachel Lucas that pretty much clinched a vote for McCain from me and mine. She sums it up when she says that we just have to suck it up and vote McCain to keep some one far worse from the oval orifice. Yes, it sucks, but that is pretty much what we have been doing for the last 16 years anyway. There is no point in getting pissy now and risking the country really getting reamed. As bad as McCain is, we could do a lot worse. B. Hussein Obama is the HK of politicians, we suck and he hates us. So as much as I don’t want to, I will be following MadOgre’s lead and voting for McCain, even though I don’t like it one damn bit.


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