Join The Resistance

I officially joined the resistance against the green Nazis. I set up an account with one of those online stock buying sites to purchase interest in Exxon Mobil each month. It’s not much, but hey, we all have to do our share. I am actually in favor of folks doing what they can to conserve energy and keep nature as pristine as reasonably possible (must be the Boy Scout in me). I am however, utterly opposed to having it crammed down my throat by a bunch of hypocrites, liars, and lunatics fanatics. The only problem I have with wind or solar power are that they are not very economically viable. That brings me to another point. Wind energy is mostly free so don’t tell me to keep my thermostat above 72 and then say that you don’t want a wind farm in your neighborhood because they are ugly. What could be more beautiful than a field full of screw OPEC turbines.

You know why all of the hybrid and electric cars are so noticeably shaped, it is so the jerks that them drive can point out how awful the rest of us are.

I might have been to kind about with the Nazi label, even the Nazis didn’t tell you how to have sex, just who not to have it with. I found this disturbing post at The Line Is Here. Now the green goblins are telling us how to have sex, and that we have to manufacture our own toys and lingerie.  I have been married for several years now and have enough problems without these collectivists telling me what to do and use during fornication. Screw Jessica Hupp with an oil soaked gas powered pvc pipe vibrator studded with disposable batteries and wrapped in Polar Bear skin.

Shooting The Messenger has a post about Carbon Belch Day

I would say that it is time for use to stand up and demand reason and sound economics in the quest for alternative fuels and reducing pollution, but reason seems to be lost on fanatics and idiots. As evidenced by the Inquisition, the Holocaust, and Hezbollah.

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