Get Your Hand Out Of My Pocket

Here I go again.

One of the problems that seems to be really getting out of hand in this country lately is the sense of entitlement. The thinking that someone, or everyone, owes you something just for being alive. I am sick of hearing how people can’t pay their bills because they only get a small check from the government, but they can’t get a job or their check will be decreased. It is supposed to work that way because you are supposed to get a job. I can’t count the number of times that I have been told by a probationer that they will make their payment as soon as they get their child support check. That money is for your children, not so you can sit at home instead of working. There is no such thing as free health care. Someone somewhere is paying for it.

The only thing that you as a person are entitled to is the right to better yourself without interference from others. The government is not supposed to provide you with low cost housing. You are supposed to live in the house that you can afford through wages you earn from work you do. Exxon Mobil shouldn’t have to pay the gas tax this summer because they did what businesses are supposed to do and made money. Corporations do not need to have their profits confiscated. That is communism. It doesn’t work. I am sorry, but your mama was wrong. You are not special. You need to get your butt up and go to work everyday like everyone else. How would you like it if I decided I was special and stayed home to. Then we could both starve.


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