It’s always nice to find that a good three day weekend and a few cold beers can change your perspective on the world. It is to bad that it is so hard to get caught back up on what happened while you were gone. Here is a little of what I missed.

Shooting the Messenger has a link to Jimmy Carters campaign for the asshat hall of fame.

Irons In the Fire reminds us that it is time to replace the entire House of Representatives with real Americans. So much for Free Speech.

Larry Correia has a post and link that make me want to go out and get an XBox 360.

Say Uncle has a good point about JHP’s and the military. He also reminds us to be careful about standing in front of windows.

 Of Arms and The Law has a little ray of sunshine. Unverified.

Better and Better has me looking forward to Friday, as if I need another reason.

Lawdog reminds us how screwed up some people are.

And last, but certainly not least, View From the Porch has a post on another big UN win.

2 Responses to Perspective

  1. Tam says:

    The thing that grinds me to a halt the most about the whole UN fiasco is that:

    A) Countries get paid to send peacekeepers. I believe it’s one of the major sources of income for Fiji.

    B) Guess where the lion’s share of that money comes from?

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    I knew that we send entirely to much cash to such a corrupt anti-freedom organization. I had no idea that other countries got paid for sending “peacekeepers.” Now I am twice as mad.

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