One Smart Pup

MadOgre seems to have a bit of a genius dog.

Now that the house was clear, we went around and checked everything again… nothing was moved, nothing was missing. We just have an open window. But how did it get open? It was closed when we left to go into town and now it’s open.

Further investigation showed something interesting. On the inside of the window that had been opened, a big fat smudge that looked reminiscent of Raven’s nose. Raven, our wolf, had been inside, sleeping in the storage room where she likes to crash. Normally she’s out in the evenings. She woke up, found us gone, and let herself out by unlocking the window and nudging it open with her nose. The lock is easy to open with a downward swipe of her paw… but her being smart enough to know to unlock the window before sliding it open. That’s like – supernatural. Yes, she’s a smart dog. Too smart for her own good. Now if she was really smart, she would have shut the window again… of course, maybe she was smart enough to figure she wanted me to know what she could do.

I went back outside and looked around… there was Raven, laying in the shadows, grinning at me. She had been watching the open window all evening. She knew she left it open, but didn’t leave it unguarded. I would have felt very bad for anyone who tried to take advantage of that. She might be a sweetheart… but she would have tore the shit out of a trespasser. Good dog. 

All mine have been able to figure out is that the toilet has a never ending supply of nice cool drinking water.


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