Who Do They Think They Are?

The last post brings me to another topic that has been getting under my skin like a needle at a heroin convention. Why are oil companies having to testify before congress for doing what businesses are supposed to do. Businesses are supposed to make profits, period. If congress doesn’t like it they should go ahead and move to Venezuela. The Constitution provides the power to regulate foreign and interstate commerce. Nowhere in the constitution does it provide the power to nationalize an industry. There are entirely to many corporations and countries involved right now for any single oil company to have a monopoly, so congress needs to butt out. Where was congress when Sony decided to charge me $400.00 for a PlayStation 3. If congress doesn’t like the current gas prices then perhaps they should encourage the construction of new refineries, pumping of restricted fields, and nuclear energy.

They won’t, because none of those options are politically expediant as calling for a private industry to eat the cost of good old Amercian consumerism. Their solution is socialism at its most basic level. Anyone who suggests that “big oil” should pay for anything but increasing the profits of shareholders is a communist. If congress doesn’t like gas prices they should open more areas to pumping instead of restricting the areas we can produce energy from .

I for one am tired of the government biting the hand that feeds us.


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