Asshat Of The Month

I will probably have to change that title next week, but I am pretty incensed by this socialist bitch.  Rachel Lucas provides a link to another installment of “Joe Stalin just didn’t do it hard enough” courtesy of the DNC. Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters from Kaliforniabanistan has decided that if the oil companies don’t bow to her wishes, she will just nationalize them like her buddy Hugo Chavez. She is so full of ignorance and bullshit that it is spewing from her mouth unchecked. If she had the least little clue of economics she would understand that what is happening is entirely logical, but because she doesn’t she displays her ignorance by making statements like this. This makes me sick. It is the same tired liberal (yes, she said liberal) song, just a “misspoken” refrain. I am getting awfully tired of hearing about all of the evil corporations in this country. America better wake up and remember how we got to be a superpower before we nationalize all the folks who helped us get there. These “big oil” companies provide lots of jobs, revenue, and taxes for us, not to mention energy.

Maxine Waters is in dire need of a quadruple dose of tar and feathers.


2 Responses to Asshat Of The Month

  1. Sandy says:

    Right or wrong, idiot or genius, Maxine Waters is simply representing her district. I know that she shot off her mouth. Yes, she would love to nationalize all US commerce. She is not very articulate and certainly not very bright. But, she is representing her district. In the end, she can only vote once. The job of all of Americans (the thinking ones) is to recognize this Marxist and just don’t be swayed by her. But also remember, don’t stoop to her level of discourse by being unkind to her. It’s not becoming. Now, carry on.

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    Wrong. Idiot. She is wrong and so are you. Anyone in her district that thinks the is representing them should put on a a Che Guevarra beret and drown themselves in the sewer. Maxine Waters is one of the most corrupt misguided members of congress ever. You are right she is not very bright or articulate. If you think that I am being unkind by stating that she is an unrepentant socialist then screw you Sandy and the commie you rode in on.

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