That’s What They Told The Jews

I am sick and tired of reading about how our elected officials and some members of law enforcement think that we should not resist criminals. I bet the scumbags love to see some douche bag spouting off about how we should all just lay back and be willing victims. A similar statement cost Clayton Williams the Texas Gubernatorial race in 1990, apparently our sensibilities have changed. If that is not bad enough corporations have decided to order us to be victims or lose our jobs like this guy. I don’t care who you are, you do not encourage people to give up their right to self defense. The local police department had this to say.

Capt. Rick Mathwig of the Roseville Police Department said authorities advise people not to take action when faced with a robbery.

“When you start resisting at some way shape or form, the suspect who may not have intended on using the weapon that he or she came with may use it intentionally or unintentionally when faced with a conflict,” he said.

 This guy is an asshat. There are plenty of people who take this crappy advice and are injured or killed anyway. Resistance is never futile, contrary to what the makers of sheeple would like you to believe. We seem to have either a short or short circuited collective memory. After 9/11 people were up in arms about being victimized. I would like to know what happened to the “lets roll’ attitude of American citizens. Terror is terror. The person doesn’t have to be a Jihadist trying to blow up a plane to terrorize you. It can be as simple as stealing your purse. Granted the intended result is different, but should our reaction be?

I remember that shortly after 9/11 people spoke of boarding passenger planes with sharpened pencils to use as weapons, and these weren’t “extreme members of the gun culture” but people who normally advocate diplomacy. I would like to know what the difference is between resisting someone who wants to harm you for Islam and one who would harm you for any other reason.

What has happened to the American Spirit? Where are the descendants of the Founding Fathers and the people who carved a nation out of wilderness? We used to understand that force is the only effective resistance to tyranny, be it national or local. I am sure that the Jews of Nazi Germany would agree.


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