Why Don’t You Just Change Your Name To “Give Me Money”

The family of a New Jersey boy who suffered brain damage after being struck by a baseball is suing everyone they can think of. The family is suing the bat maker, the sporting goods company that sold the bat, and the little league association that endorsed the bat. The child who was 12 at the time of injury was not even playing in the little league, but was playing in a police athletic league that has not been named in the lawsuit. The families ambulance chasing attorney stated that everyone named in the suit knew or should have known that the bat was dangerous.

Give me a break. Everything that you do as a parent from the time little Jimbo Jr. is conceived until the day he dies puts him at risk. That’s life, quit trying to rip people off over an accident. Yes, what happened is awful. I feel sorry for the boy and his parents, but it was an accident. Read, not on purpose. I could see them getting upset if something like this had never happened before, and they were unaware that letting the kid on the field might put him in a position to be injured. The parents need to step up and take responsibility for their actions and deal with the fact that their actions just as much as anyone elses put the boy in that situation. I am surprised that they are not suing the person who hit the ball, but I bet they don’t have the kind of cash that the Domalewskis want to realize off of this little business venture.


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