I’m A What?

It’s always nice to check the news after being out of town and find out I turned into a fascist over the weekend.

The green nazi Al Gore is now comparing the fight against his nonexistent cash cow global warming to the defeat of fascism during WWII. WTF.

Gore gave a commencement address at Carnegie Mellon University in which he likened the intellectually challenged people who think they can save the earth with hybrid cars and bio fuel to the soldiers and sailors who fought in WWII and the Founding Fathers.  He also went on to say that those are the only two special generations in the history of these United States. So everyone who fought in any other conflict, the guys that landed on the moon, people who fought for civil rights, and everybody else: Al Gore thinks you suck.

Great speech Al. Jerk.


2 Responses to I’m A What?

  1. Hazel Stone says:

    Thou shalt not speak against the Goracle, heretic!

  2. shortbus1836 says:

    I prefer infidel, as I am more of an unbeliever. (thanks for the laugh)

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