Today Sucked

Sorry about the lack of posting. We buried my grandmother today. Hell of a way to have a family reunion. I always enjoy being asked to be in someones wedding party. It makes me feel honored to think that someone thinks of me as that good a friend. And it’s a good way to get invited to a bachelor party. Being a pallbearer sucks. I understand that it is also an honor and means the same thing, but it is an honor I could do without. One of my cousins, who I used to think would never utter a phrase like this, reminded me that sometimes you just have to suck it up and do what you are supposed to. I wasn’t whining, but would have just as soon sat in the back and not had to speak to anyone. My cousin was right though, my grandmother was very proud of her grandchildren and would have enjoyed seeing them all dressed up in front of the whole town.

She was a terrific grandmother. She knew just when to spoil us and when we needed discipline.


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