Can’t Seem To Get Past It

I’ve had something stuck in my craw for a while now and as I can’t seem to get past it I figured a good long spleen venting might help me swallow it. It started with the extra food aid for the “silent tsunami” that Bush thinks we ought to kick in an extra BILLION dollars for. It continued when I saw that we were BEGGINGto be allowed to send aid to the cyclone victims in Myanmar. Then I saw that France was encouraging the use of force(?) to provide relief aid.

I don’t really know were to start with this, but here I go anyway. Where I come from if someone says they don’t want your help, you say ok and move on. Not sit and beg to be able to help, or try to force it on them.

Next, I read a really interesting interview over at The War On Guns about the Founding Fathers view on the 2nd Amendment with David E. Young and got to wondering what the Founding Fathers would think about all of our tax money being sent to places with no allegiance or alliance to the United States. I also began to wonder if some of the people receiving part of my paycheck might have been some of the same folks who celebrated at the damaging of the Pentagon ( I put it first because no one ever mentions it) and the destruction of the World Trade Center.

I also think that most of these people are only going to get a short term benefit from this aid. In a previous post, I mentioned that I thought that continued long term aid only serves to continue enslavement and oppression of people who might otherwise get tired of crappy governments. What most of these people need is the means to put citizen serving governments into place (ours isn’t doing very well either by the way).

As far as France and the UN using force to take aid into Myanmar. Well history has shown us that the force able to be brought to bear by them is not equal to the water output of a kinked garden hose, as evidenced in Darfur, Somalia, Bosnia, and every conflict France has been in since Napoleon.

I submit that what most of these people need is not welfare, but the rapid and continual shipment of ordnance and arms confiscated from Iran in Iraq to citizens willing to stand up for freedom.

I also submit that much more of our money should be going to the men and women who actually keep the barbarians from the gates than to some random person somewhere who may not even like America or what we used to stand for. Shame on us for neglecting our veterans for strangers in another country.


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